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There are so many excellent cuisine in my hometown. Now I am going to tell you about something that you will never come across elsewhere. 【值得一提的是,】中文都读着不通,感觉多余,不如省略。

每当我在外时,最想念的就是家乡的美食了,它们的味道是家的味道 Whenever I am off home, delicious food of my hometown is what I miss most, it's the taste of home.

我来自美丽的星城长沙,它是一个美丽的城市。 I come from the beautiful star Changsha, it is a beautiful city. 长沙也是一座风景秀美的山水洲城。 Changsha is also a beautiful scenery of the mountain city. 长沙名胜岳麓山,那是百看不...

I often to introduce students to the hometown cuisine, organic would want to take them to taste.

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