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I appreciate kaifulee most(李开复) .Because he is a big success and a person full of energy who we teens should learn from. He has been a young and successful professor and has occupied important positions in many famous compan...

认清IELTS SPEAKING的考试性质 个人觉得,雅思口语不同于雅思阅读和写作,是在短期时间里可以突击提高的。口语和听力,尤其是口语,由于临场发挥的成分很大,所以...

雅思口试part two关于人物的问题一般如下: describe a friend who you helped/who helped you(1),describe a successful person(2),describe a teacher...

选B the key to doing sth 做某事的关键在于 those who they respect, 意为“那些他们尊敬的人”,因为指代的是人,所以选 who

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